Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Young Muscle & Video Games

Although this podcast is for "midlife" and beyond, I feel compelled to discuss young adults, their desire to build muscle and their desire to play video games!

It makes me very happy to see so many teenagers and young adults interested in lifting weights to gain muscle and get stronger. 

Social media and its influencers are partly driving this (which I also think is awesome)

But on the other side of the coin is the passion for video games.

I dont have a dog in this fight because I dont have kids, so let me just shoot from the hip and tell it the way it is.



Insulin, growth hormone, IGF1, testosterone, protien and optimal training are the growth factors we need to optimize is we want to build muscle at any age.

Lack of sleeep

  • Decreases testosterone
  • Decreases GH
  • Distrupts Insulin and IGF
  • Increases cortisol
  • Disrupts Ghrelin (an appetite regulator)
  • Moves us towards insulin resistance and anabolic resistance

Which can/will cause

  • Less muscle protein synthesis
  • Impair our ability to move amino acids in the muscle
  • Impair glucose tolerance
  • Reduce the hormonal growth factos needed to hypertrophy
  • Increase appetitie
  • Increase cravings and sweet cravings
  • Increase muscle breakdown (esp the extremities)
  • Increase fat storage generally, but esp in the midsection

It seems we are in an era where we expect to do whateve we want but also get the results we want.

It will not work, not even close.

I cant even sugar coat this. We must sleep to build muscle and preserve tissue health

The yound adults are creating an enviroment I would expect to see in a person my own age where the hormones arent working as well.

If you are going to train hard in the gym, why not optimize all the tools that youth has to offer you?

It is not about doing "what you can" it is about doing "what is necessary"


Feel free to forward this to any teenager or young adult that needs to hear this

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