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There are multiple reasons for this, lets start with the obvious and move on to the less known.
1. Compliance - the weight loss program they used was not sustainable
2. The program they used was too time-consuming (meal prep, hours of gym time, carrying Tupperware everywhere, having to log every calorie)
 These first two reasons meant that the person had nowhere to go but back to their usual eating pattern
3. Muscle Loss - muscle loss happens with every diet. Indeed, fat is 13% protein, so if you lose fat, you ARE going to lose muscle, but if you lose most of the weight from muscle, then this reduces your metabolic rate, and if you go back to eating as you did prior, it will now be an excess and weight rebound will occur.  This will happen with low protein programs or those that require a huge amount of exercise without the nutrients to fuel it. 
Totally unnecessary + the person will actually lose less lean :(
4. LPL Lipoprotein Lipase is an enzyme that, when excited, causes fat storage. It is also a huge part of fat patterning and belly fat, which is explained in the 21 day program .  Two things REALLY excite LPL, Insulin and restriction.  The scenario is a person who has been on a prolonged, very restricted diet. They lose a ton of weight, and LPL gets very excited and starts to store as much fat as it can. Then the person caves on a diet and eats high carb - causing high insulin, which also excites LPL - a double whammy for very fat weight regain.
5. Leptin and Ghrelin (appetite regulators - also discussed in the 21 day progam. If a person crashes the weight off, leptin will recognize the rapid loss of "future fuel." Leptin tells the brain, and the brain slows expenditure (burns fewer calories) and increases the hunger of the host. 
I saw this a lot in the bodybuilding/fitness world.  After a competition diet the competitor would eat an insane amount of food, sadly this is normalized by the sport, but it was Leptin doing its thing.
Ghrelin is our hunger hormone; it goes up before a meal and comes down afterward. With restrictive dieting Ghrelin stays up, this person is hungry all the time. Ghrelin is also high in those who dont sleep enough.
But the #1 reason that people regain the weight is because they dont understand weight loss
When have you ever been good at something you didn't understand?!
If weight loss were coached as the skill that it is, people would not have to stay in the torrid cycle of weight gain and weight loss.
Weight loss is a science - the way the body burns fat does not change depending on the bias of the day or the foods of today.
The science of weight loss does not bend due to our food preferences or our need for instant gratification.
The science of weight loss does not adjust to what we think we deserve or how hard we think we have worked.
Weight loss is a very well-studied and fascinating subject
Being on a "diet" is like being given a piano without any lessons - you might figure it out, but very very doubtful. Is the piano at fault? are you at fault?  or did you not have the coaching necessary to learn the skill.
It may or may not be back this year.
If it does return it will be in the fall
I am very passionate about this program. It has changed countless lives and has freed them from the anxiety of weight loss.
Questions - lmk 💓

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