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There are 3 standard body types.


Ectomorph – finds it difficult to gain weight and oftenhas a pouch of belly fat that drives them crazy.

Ectomorphs are usually very high-energy people who loveendurance-style workouts. They usually have fine hair, long digits and are muchstronger than they look 😊

Mesomorphs are athletic in stature. They gain muscleeasily, and when they behave themselves, they can stay quite lean with not toomuch effort. The mesomorph, however, can become unhinged in midlife and notknow how to regain their former glory.


Endomorphs are heavier people, they have gorgeous skin,and shorter digits, and they carry a lot of muscle, but they also carry a lotof fat

But most of us are somewhere in between – an ecto-meso or ameso-endo.

When it comes to training and nutrition, knowing your bodytype is very important.

Ectomorphs are constantly trying to lose the belly pouch,and their love for cardio pushes them In that direction. However, in doing sothey lose muscle and the pouch looks bigger.

Encouraging an endomorph to do HIIT training is alsomisguided because their extra weight makes safety an issue, and it is harderthan is necessary to do. Steady state cardio is a far better approach alongwith circuit-type training in the gym


What about nutrition?

That Ectomorph doing fasting for weight loss and eating nocarbs, makes no sense at all.

The Endomorph, however has the fat stores to use fasting andlow carb as very effective weight loss tools.


  • Do you know your body type?


  • Are you training and eating for your body type


  • Ladies, are you estrogenic or androgenic (or somewhere inbetween)?


What about the blessed Mesomorphs, how can that all unravel?Mesomorphs are usually lean and muscular, they are strong and conditioned, andthey don’t have to concern themselves too much about their body composition –until – midlife kicks in.


The mesomorphs lifestyle may change, their sporting daysbehind them and a few added trips around the sun. Their weight starts to creepup, and for the first time ever, they have a few pounds they want to lose.


This is where an educated endomorph can overtake themesomorph. At the time that the mesomorph feels challenged the endomorph, bythat same time, has decades of experience in weight loss.


Do you fast, do you cut carbs, do you train heavy and slow,or fast in circuits?

It really depends on your body type.


Body Type and Fat patterning are two of the manytopics explained and discussed in the upcoming




  • My goal is to provide you with a plethora ofinformation on weight loss and body composition.

  • My goal is to educate you to the point that youare making informed decisions rather than living under the direction of others.

  • My goal is to find the sustainable place thatlies between “restriction” and “recklessness”


In that place, we find an ease

Knowledge is power


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