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Muscle Loss with Age

I thought it could never happen to me.

A former pro bodybuilder, Ive been training and eating for hypertrophy (muscle gain) since I was 14!

In this podcast, I share my personal story and why muscle loss WILL happen to all of us!

If you enjoy this podcast you will really enjoy my MUSCLE MONTH program that starts very soon March 31.


  • Read on and I will expand on muscle loss with age, but first, here is who MUSCLE MONTH is ideal for
  • We know we need to build and maintain muscle with age
  • We may be hesitant because we are still trying to lose fat
  • We may be reluctant because we dont want to "get too big"
  • We resist because dont you have to "bulk" to gain muscle
  • We may feel that we're already training our muscles (but we havent changed, so what up with that)
  • We know it is important, but we're not really sure why
  • We know we need to build, maintain, protect our muscle but we have no idea where to start
  • We have been training for decades, but maybe Joanne knows something that we dont :)
  • MUSCLE MONTH has you all covered!
  • What to expect
  • A choice of 6 training programs, from beginner to home, to my workouts (an everything inbetween)
  • Custom meals for your goal type - you can still lose fat and build muscle (dont be told otherwise)
  • Coaching on all topics to do with hypertrophy (its fascinating)
  • You will understand how to build muscle, what results to expect
  • You will understand how to eat for hypertrophy without getting fat
  • You will (sadly) understand why most people are NOT building muscle in the gym



March 31 - April 27


Please dont hesitate thinking you might catch this program next time around, because that will be in 2025!

OK, plug over. 

Here is one reason why people lose muscle with age, whether they exercise or not!


There are two types of muscle fiber


WHITE (fast twitch) muscle fibers. These are our explosive muscle fibers, they create a lot of force but they tire within seconds (think heavy lifting)


RED (slow twitch) muscle fibers. These are our endurance muscle fibers, they create low level of energy but they are resistant to fatigue (think long distance running, hiking etc)


All muscles have both types of fibers and this explains partially why some people gain muscle easily and others are hard gainers. You see WHITE/FAST TWITCH muscle fibers can get denser and bigger (hypertrophy) whilst the RED/SLOW TWITCH fibers do not really grow. If you have more slow twitch fibers you wont gain "mass' than others (this is why most ladies need never fear getting "too" big)

Here is the kicker

With age we lose the WHITE/FAST TWITCH muscle fibers, not the RED/SLOW TWITCH fibers!


Let that sink in ....


I love running, I love yoga, hiking is such fun and you may feel that you are very active and that muscle loss wont happen - IT WILL, because you are not overloading the white/fast fibers to force them to adapt.


Even the gym rats fall prey to this because you still have to OVERLOAD the fibers.

There are many ways to overload a muscle, but most people are NOT DOING IT.


MUSCLE MONTH is ideal for the very beginner to the most advanced.

It is SO perfect for a newbie because we can create a fabulous plan from day one (and save you decades of time)

It is IDEAL for the more advanced because you already love lifting, lets sharpen the tools and make all the effort effective and efficient.


This is a big program for me to coach as I coach from my office, the teach the theory and nutrition and I coach from my gym to teach the practical.


I serisouly cannot see how I have time to run this program again this year (I have 5 other programs)

  • 12 zooms (all recorded)
  • Custom meal plans and instruction on how to build out your own nutrition
  • 6 workout programs to chose from (or fine tune your own)
  • Full access to me
  • Topics ranging from male/female training, muscle contraction, adaptation, anabolic resistance, protein and leucine, protein timing, do we need carbs, if so when, how many reps, how much rest, what about recovery, what can your blood work show you, how do I design workouts depending on body types and goal types, how do you design a workout, how to sequence exercises, how do you go to failure beyond using more weight, should kids train, can you gain muscle later in life - AND SO MUCH MORE


OK, if that doesn't convince you :)  

Before you walk throught the gym to get to the cardio, please listen to this podcast.










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